Ovvio - Humans Unscripted

Ovvio aims to be a global platform for you to ask questions and get matched with the right people who can help you instantly over an unscripted, personalized conversation.

We instantly connect you via chat, audio or video to make knowledge sharing simple, contextual and fun!

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Features & Capabilities

Human Connect

Human Connect

Ovvio allows real people, just like you, to connect to others and get solutions to your queries. No friend requests, no polite "likes", no awkward relationships. Just real people connecting over a quick chat.
Earn Money

Paid Advice

We fundamentally believe that the experience people have deserves to be valued. While we will encourage you to charge for your advice, we're happy to let you share your knowledge free of cost!

Anonymous Mode

We all have questions that we need answers to, but don't want people, even strangers, judging us. That's why we're building Ovvio to allow you to be anonymous while asking your questions.

Instant Connect

Some questions need to be answered quickly, or not at all. So we take just a few seconds to find someone who can help you. Of course, you can always leave a message and wait for someone to contact you later!

User Ratings

How you behave with other humans truly matters. And the best judge of that is other humans. Ovvio doesn't rate humans, it requests you to rate them. That rating tells others what to expect.
Natural Language Search

Natural Language

Ovvio is smart enough to understand what you're looking for. We take your query and match it to the hundreds of categories so that we can connect you to the right person instantly.


Audio Calls


Video Calls


Screen Sharing

Screen Share

What can I use Ovvio for?

When you need a stranger's help...

Ovvio endeavours to tackle all questions that require human intervention that may not necessarily get solved by web searches and social media content. We have tailored our categories to include thousands of topics. Here are a few to get you started...
Have a big date and nervous how to go about it? You can find someone on Ovvio who can guide you to make sure the date goes super smooth!
Need to practice your interviewing skills before that big meeting? Find someone on Ovvio who can do that with you!
Looking to buy something? You've done your research and you're still not sure? Talk to someone on Ovvio who has purchased before and gives you honest feedback.

Get a taste of Ovvio!

Who is Ovvio for?

How do I use Ovvio?


When does Ovvio launch?

We hope to launch by the Fall of 2021. If you pre-register, you'll be among the first to gain access!

Is Ovvio free?

Ovvio is free to use, but you can charge to help others with your knowledge, or you can help others for free! We recommend charging no more than a cup of your preferred beverage!

Is Ovvio available in my area?

We aim to go global, but we will initially be focusing on select markets such as USA, UK and India. However, we won't stop you from using the app if you live elsewhere!

How do I tell my friends about Ovvio?

Share this page ( through your phone or computer's sharing menu with your friends and ask them to pre-register!

Who can use Ovvio?

Everyone on Ovvio can be a "Seeker" of information. Seekers are users who can ask a question and will be connected to another person with an answer, who is the "Giver" of information. Givers usually have some special knowledge, skill or experience that they can share with Seekers on Ovvio.
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