Frequently Asked Questions

When does Ovvio launch?

We hope to launch by the Fall of 2021. If you pre-register, you'll be among the first to gain access!

How does Ovvio work?
Is Ovvio free?

Ovvio is free to use, but you can charge to help others with your knowledge, or you can help others for free! We recommend charging no more than a cup of your preferred beverage!

Is Ovvio available in my area?

We aim to go global, but we will initially be focusing on select markets such as USA, UK and India. However, we won't stop you from using the app if you live elsewhere!

How do I tell my friends about Ovvio?
Share this link with your friends and ask them to pre-register!
Who can use Ovvio?

Everyone on Ovvio can be a "Seeker" of information. Seekers are users who can ask a question and will be connected to another person with an answer, who is the "Giver" of information. Givers usually have some special knowledge, skill or experience that they can share with Seekers on Ovvio.

Now you may think "I don't have anything worth sharing", but you're mistaken. We believe every human has something of value to share with others. When you browse our categories (with hundreds of sub-topics), and discover yourself, we guarantee you'll find what makes you special!