Our Story

Much before the world became disconnected in the aftermath of the pandemic, humans gave up on truly connecting with one another. There are often things which we take for granted. Real Connections for one. We felt that by advancing technological solutions, we could connect with one-another better, we would have all the answers and our life would be easier. 

But here we are today, overcoming a pandemic, bewildered by wars and their aftermath, shocked at the state of the climate, manoeuvring modern relationships, trying to find financial stability, our place in the world, mostly trying to make sense of it all and mixed with a tinge of anticipation of what comes next. 

So what went wrong?

The answer is obvious. The lack of Real Human Connections. Communication apps and Social Media were not supposed to replace but instead assist in connecting with our peers. But, more often nowadays we see messages just being lost in translation. Children are being exposed to knowledge well ahead of their time, young adults are being roped into worlds which may or may not be something they are prepared for and adults are just trying to make sense of it all!

So now what do we do? 

We help each other. Simply by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to open up and if not to a known person, but surely try and confide in another human being. 

Ovvio provides you with a safe space and the opportunity to find someone like yourself, someone like-minded to discuss anything and everything, ultimately enhancing the quality of your life.

So go on ahead and give us a try. Please note that we are still Beta and while we work hard to make our vision your reality, any feedback in that regard would be really insightful for us.


Our Vision

To transform the way humans exchange knowledge


Our Mission

To enable humans to share their experiences candidly and solve everyday problems

Our Team

We are enthusiastic about human connections, keen to revolutionise the way knowledge exchange happens on the Internet.

  • Ovvio - Shaalin Tandon

    Shaalin Tandon


  • Ovvio - Sachin Tandon

    Sachin Tandon


  • Ovvio - Revathi Rajan

    Revathi Rajan

    People Manager

  • Ovvio - Sharan Mehra

    Sharan Mehra

    Operations Manager

  • Ovvio - Gaurang Bajaj

    Gaurang Bajaj

    Customer Experience (CX)

  • Ovvio - Karishma Shah

    Karishma Shah

    Customer Relations Associate

  • Ovvio - Evette Fernandes

    Evette Fernandes

    Advisor - Admin

  • Ovvio - Sathish Vinayk

    Sathish Vinayk

    Lead Developer

  • Ovvio - Simran Dhawan

    Simran Dhawan

    Social Media Assistant Manager

  • Ovvio - Arun Prasath Mohan

    Arun Prasath Mohan

    Customer Relations Associate

  • Ovvio - Vivaswan Shrinet

    Vivaswan Shrinet

    Analytics Engineer

  • Ovvio - Rhea Savant

    Rhea Savant

    Social Media Manager

  • Ovvio - Sonya Mehra Verma

    Sonya Mehra Verma

    Content and Brand Writer

  • Ovvio - Gerald Nuraj

    Gerald Nuraj



The only thing you need to be part of this journey is a desire to bring the human experience to the digital world and the right attitude to work with our team. What you need to bring to the table is your creativity and emotional quotient. We’re actively hiring for several positions so if you believe in our journey, then reach out to us.

Send us a message if you’re interested in working for Ovvio! If you are simply looking to be a Giver on our platform, you do not need to send us your CV! Just sign up and build your Giver profile!


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