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Ovvio Team In Lisbon

Last week, we were lucky enough to have the team from Ovvio join us at our Lisbon HQ! It was great to meet Shaalin & Sachin in person. We…

Case Study On Ovvio

🔷 Altar Case Study: Building a P2P knowledge sharing platform that allows people to monetise their wisdom 🔷 Two years ago, Shaalin and…


There are already over 30,000 Ovvio users. Hundreds are signing up each day either as Seekers or Givers. Ovvio looks on course to have circa…

The Associated Press (AP News)

Ovvio was conceived in June 2020 by entrepreneurial brothers Shaalin and Sachin Tandon. Search engine weary, the brothers wanted to create a…


Ovvio - Talk to Real People

Ovvio is a platform that allows two people to talk to each other on any topic.


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