What’s new on the Ovvio app

Learn more about all our new and improved features with our latest update, Ovvio 2.0.

Let’s start things off with a bang!

Android App Upgrade

Our Android app has been upgraded with innovative features for faster searches, easier navigation, and seamless transactions.

But that’s not all.

Ovvio is now available on iOS

We are excited to share that iOS users can download Ovvio from the App Store on any iOS device, and enjoy instant connections, anytime, anywhere.

Take a look at what you can do on Ovvio now with our latest features.

Integrated Payment Solution for Faster Payments

We have made a significant change to our financial model to transform the way you earn and spend on Ovvio.

Powered by Stripe, you can enjoy features like:

  • Automatic withdrawals
  • Faster transactions
  • 0% commission for Givers
  • Reduced Seeker fee
  • Complete transaction history
  • 115+ local currency payouts
  • Superior security and compliance

Users can experience all the benefits with a Stripe Connect account that can be easily created from your Ovvio account.

Add Some Fun with Display Video

Anyone can take a display picture, right? From good lighting, knowing our best angles, and flashing some teeth, we have all discovered the winning formula for a great display picture. But what would you say about yourself in 15 seconds, if you had the chance?

Try our latest Display Video feature and find out!

You can now head to your Ovvio Profile and upload a 15-second video so people can view and learn more about your skills, experience, and background.

Our winning formula is simple for Display Video: smile, be honest, and be yourself.

Display Video is a great way to increase your chances of getting more sessions, which means increasing your earnings on Ovvio too!

Let’s talk more about what we have added to enhance your Giver profile on Ovvio.

Creating Your Giver Profile

We have upgraded the process to create a Giver profile, to help you get the most out of your Ovvio experience.

The steps we have included, some mandatory and some not, will help Seekers understand your profile better with more information, and also ensure you have added all the necessary details to accept requests for paid sessions.

A complete Giver profile can help you get more session requests, and also, showcase your profile across Ovvio to help Seekers find you quickly.

Popular Recently vs. Live Now

Our Popular Recently section on the homepage showcases 7-8 recently active Giver profiles.

Our Live Now section showcases all online Giver profiles, so you can browse all the active users and choose the one with the right skills to start a session.

Simply pick your Giver profile, ask a question, and a request session to connect instantly.

20x Quicker Searches in Automatic Mode

It’s all about faster connections on Ovvio, to instantly help you get the advice you need.

Now we have Automatic Mode for 20x faster search results. All you need to do is:

  • Switch to Automatic Mode
  • Set your budget
  • Ask a question

Our unique algorithm picks all the top profiles based on your preferences so you can find the right Giver, quickly.

We have also added features to improve how you manage sessions, transactions, and more.

Manage Session Requests from Notifications

You can now get real-time notifications and perform certain actions straight from the notification with a simple button:

  • Accept - When you are available to accept a new session request
  • Dismiss - When you are not available to accept a new session request and an automated message from Ovvio is sent to the Seeker
  • Dismiss with a reply - When you are not available to accept the session request and would like to include a personalised message to the Seeker, for example, “Hi, is it possible to connect at 2:00 pm?” or “I am really sorry but I am not available right now. Can we connect this evening?”

Get Your Minutes Worth

We know that sometimes, connecting to a session can take time, or maybe, something has come up and a session has been cut short.

So, we decided that every paid session that lasts 2.5 minutes or less, will be free.

If a paid session lasts longer than 2.5 minutes, the session rate will be charged from when the session started i.e. 0 minutes. However, we believe honesty is the best policy, and we are our best judges, so Givers who feel a session could have been more beneficial than they hoped, have the option to charge a Seeker less than the session rate they have previously set.

The session charges are determined after a session ends, and before a User Rating is given.

Personalised Interactions and More Engagement

Every session starts with a chat, but you can easily switch from Rich Text, to Video and Voice call at any time to engage on a more personalised level.

We have also included features to help you share information easily by allowing you to upload documents and images.

But, for those who would like to stay private, you can opt for Anonymous Mode before starting a session and hide your identity for added privacy.

Honest Reviews with Community Feedback

We believe that honesty is one of the most important pillars of Ovvio’s vision. After every session both the Giver and Seeker can provide feedback to showcase skills or help improve sessions with honest feedback.

Your ratings are accumulated and the average is highlighted on your profile.

Share Your Profile with Your OvvioMe Link

You can now create a personalised link called OvvioMe, for your Ovvio profile and share it across social channels.

This is a great way to help you reach out to more people and connect with them through the platform to give one-on-one, personalised conversations, based on their questions.

You also have an option to add an External Link to your profile too, which could be your portfolio, or website, to showcase your skills.

Improved Navigation and a New Look

Ovvio 2.0 comes with fresh new colours and a redesigned user-friendly and intuitive user interface (UI) to help you easily navigate our platform.

With detailed section descriptions, added buttons, and a seamless flow throughout the app, you can now enjoy all of Ovvio’s features and create the perfect experience to achieve your goals, whether you are seeking advice or sharing your wisdom.

And last but definitely not least.

Dedicated Support Center in the Ovvio App

We have now included a dedicated section in our Ovvio app to help you get the support you need.

You can search for information using the search bar to ask a question or browse our FAQs for the most commonly asked questions in various areas.

And, if you cannot find what you are looking for you can fill in the Contact Us form and someone from the Ovvio Support Team will get in touch shortly.

Or, if you are looking for real-time support you can easily connect to our support team via our Live Chat feature between 7 AM - 3 PM British Time, Monday - Friday. And the best part is you get to chat with a real person!

Discover Ovvio 2.0 now

Now, all that’s left is to update or download your Ovvio app to explore our new features and enjoy a whole new Ovvio experience, designed while keeping you, our users, in mind.

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